You deserve to live…

A rich, rewarding and meaningful life
following the death of your soulmate, your partner, your spouse, your friend, your parent, or your child.

Death and grief

If you are like most people who are grieving the death of someone whose physical presence was essential to your well being, it can feel like you will never feel like yourself again. Laughter and joy feel as distant as the stars. And the idea of healing, of becoming whole again, seems impossible.

Whether this death happened recently, or not so recently, this devastating loss has brought you to your knees and it’s difficult to know exactly what you can do to make it better.

My name is Susan Fuller and I’ve experienced grief and I have shared the journey of grief with hundreds of clients over the past 25 years.

I have had the privilege of accompanying those who are grieving through the death, the first disbelieving days, weeks and months, every speed bump, all the questions about what’s next, and finally back into the stream of life.

What I have come to understand about death and grief…

• Grief is a necessary healing process of reweaving the shattered pieces of our lives into a coherent whole.

• Grief takes time but time is never enough.

• You did not have a choice about this death, but you do have a choice about how you respond to it.

• You are moving forward with the passage of time whether you want to or not. The question is not will you move forward, but how you will move forward.

• Grief support does not take the pain away but it does change how you experience the pain.

• Though death feels like a door being slammed in your face, grief also opens doors to personal transformation and renewal.

…grief is a painful yet necessary process that serves as a bridge from one way of life, the life with the person who has died, into a new way of life without them. That bridge may feel more like a tightrope walk over a chasm filled with snapping crocodiles, but it’s a bridge nonetheless, and a bridge we are meant to cross.

~ Expanding the Definition of Grief

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